Codecampr: An Introduction

March 12th, 2010 comments 2

This is the name of our company. We got it from our weekend code sessions/hangouts at home which I called “code camp”.

The founders of codecampr will have to be me and Jimbo B. Cortes,  an EPSON employee with a Lenovo laptop which he calls Kate (i call mine Sophie). We have been college classmates, and we’ve mostly worked on projects together, even if we’re not groupmates.

I guess what inspired us to venture into this craziness is the fun that we have with hanging out with each other, coding stuff mainly just to impress our peers with what we can do. We have always liked working and hanging out with each other, so now that we are out of college, we figured why not continue doing crazy projects just for the hell of it. But now, instead of impressing just our friends, why not impress the whole world too?

Our first project we code named “moochy”. It’s basically a site where people come to and borrow stuff with each other. Jimbo got the name from the word mooch which means to borrow. I will post more on this project in another post. All i will say about moochy right now is that this is our main project and we hope to release the first version of it as soon as possible. :)

Some things about us to explain why on a bright sunny morning, we would rather sit in a windowless, semi gloomy bedroom, and fiddle with our machines:

- we love technology
- we have little interest in socializing with other people physically (not that we are incapable of it, just that we don’t find it interesting and meaningful)
- we like hanging out
- we love processed food
- hanging out at comfortable, homey spaces while doing something productive like creating stuffs is true chilling.
- we have no girlfriends
- we don’t have enough money yet to travel to glorious beaches (thailand, carribean, mediterranean, hawaii, palawan), so might as well do the next best thing! (coding)
- we want to be rich and famous (then tell people in the future that we didn’t do this for the money and fame)
- we love code. :)

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  • ruri says:

    “I guess what inspired us to venture into this craziness is the fun that we have with hanging out with each other..”

    =)) so gay

    “- we have no girlfriends” =))

  • kapsel says:

    How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

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