Project Moochy

March 13th, 2010 comments 0 By: Paolo Lim

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“Lend, Borrow, Share”

The concept is simple. People come to visit the site and post their stuff. They can lend these stuff to their friends, and can also borrow stuff from others. Brain dead simple.

So why use a website for this kind of thing? Why not just do the borrowing in real life? Here are some of my ideas:

- You don’t know everything that everybody you know owns. You might find out that the book you’ve been longing to read is just sitting on a friend’s bookshelf, slowly being buried in dust or consumed by termites. » Read the rest of this entry «

Wordpress: Add facebook share and retweet buttons

March 13th, 2010 comments 0 By: Jimbo Cortes

ShareWordpress: Add facebook share and retweet buttons

One of the best if not the best way of promoting your wordpress blog or post on the web is by sharing it to social networking sites. By simply copying the url of your blog post and pasting it to your facebook or twitter (through url shortener), you can now share it to your friends or followers. As expected, it didn’t stop there. Right now, you can share your post straight from your blog post, through facebook share and retweet buttons. Your readers can also share your post to their friends by simply clicking these buttons.When these nifty buttons are clicked, the post is tracked by facebook and twitter. The number of shares and retweets are shown.

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