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March 13th, 2010 comments 0

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“Lend, Borrow, Share”

The concept is simple. People come to visit the site and post their stuff. They can lend these stuff to their friends, and can also borrow stuff from others. Brain dead simple.

So why use a website for this kind of thing? Why not just do the borrowing in real life? Here are some of my ideas:

- You don’t know everything that everybody you know owns. You might find out that the book you’ve been longing to read is just sitting on a friend’s bookshelf, slowly being buried in dust or consumed by termites.

- You might also be willing to lend to one of your friend’s friend your snorkelling gear that you rarely use because you only take a vacation once in a blue moon because you’re busy working your ass off to pay off that huge debt that you’ve rewarded yourself with during the past few months.

- It’s always hard keeping track of your borrowed cds, especially the ones you’ve burned yourself, because they’re easy to forget, and the people who’ve borrowed them more often assume that you can just burn yourself another copy.

- What if a friend from out of town is planning on taking a vacation here in beautiful cebu and wants to camp out around beaches. But the problem is he doesn’t have a tent, and even if he manages to borrow one from his neighbor, it would be a hassle bringing that kind of extra baggage. Why don’t he just check on his cebuano friends if one of them has a tent lying around and would be more than happy to lend it for a week? Wouldn’t that be convenient?

So those are some of my ideas on why i think this application could be of some value to people. Anyway I got this idea from, a site which was posted at techcrunch. I guess I thought that this kind of thing could also be done here in our environment, and since me and jimbo are looking for a project that would be fun to do, why not do this?

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