The technical side of project moochy: symfony, and ubuntu

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Most of the technologies that we are using for this project are open sourced. We like using open source stuff because they’re free and a lot of help on learning them can be found in the internet. It also encourages us to go deeper into the tools that we use, to better understand what goes on beneath the surface. The open source technologies that we are now using are Php, Symfony, MySql, Apache and Ubuntu.


Symfony is an awesome PHP framework. It takes a bit of sweat to study but it’s worth the effort. Me and my co-founder are almost done learning most of it and we hope we get to use it to its full potential. I don’t wanna get into the intricate details of the framework, all I’m going say is, ¬†among the php frameworks I have studied in the past (codeigniter and cakephp), symfony is nearest to achieve the ideals of the ever popular ruby on rails framework. How to learn symfony? For us, the best way is to download and go through the “practical symfony” tutorial. It’s a very good introduction to the framework.


This company provides our hosting. The founder is a friend of a friend of mine, his name is Mr. Paul Villacorta and he is very friendly. So far I have not yet encountered any problems with the company’s services and Mr. Paul himself entertains every question I have concerning with hosting. How to buy hosting from hostfortes? Just go to their site and sign up! It’s very easy and they will guide you through the whole process.


Ubuntu is an operating system. It’s a distribution of the legendary linux. I admit its hard getting started on using this OS, especially if you haven’t used any other kind of OS apart from windows, and especially if you haven’t heard of the word “shell” yet. Though when you get the hang of it, ubuntu is a very powerful operating system. Powerful to those who will use it for software development I mean, not for gaming, or for movie showing. It also has a lot of free tools that you can download on the web. How to get ubuntu? You can go to the site and order a free cd or you download the image file.

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