Our move to ruby on rails

May 1st, 2010 comments 2

We’ve recently decided to abandon Symfony as our framework and use Ruby on Rails instead.

This drastic change can entirely be blamed on me and my reckless curiosity. I realized that the initial motivations I had for choosing symfony has changed as we were developing our project. Some of these were:

- use PHP since it is the “language of the web”.

- try out symfony so that we can learn something new and this additional skill could prove useful in the future.

- since this is just a side project, something we wanted to do just for fun, we could just take our time learning and experimenting with all sorts of stuff, since we just wanted some sort of “toy” we could play with.

These assumptions have been sort of negated as we started telling people about our project. A lot of people became interested in what we were doing, and a lot also thought that we were just plain crazy, wasting our time on crazy ideas. This turned into a challenge for us. I realized that this could actually turn into something serious, like facebook-level seriousness (yes, I dream too much). So my initial motivations were changed.

- though PHP is very popular, it has a lot of limitations because of its being only a scripting language. I learned about this from my founder at Caresharing

- as much as we want to try out something new and fresh, symfony was proving too hard to use. I was slowly having a vision that we are going have more difficulty later on when and if this application gets bigger if we use this framework.

- this is no longer “just a side project”. This is now “THE side project”. And I want to get this right. Of course there will be failures, but I dont want the team to be always faced with the problems without having an initial idea how to solve them . I want to be able to tackle the problems equipped with the experience I already have in web development using Ruby on Rails. With this we can fail early and fail fast.

Yes, my new motivations are kind of selfish. But this is only because of the obsession I have in turning this simple thing into a success. Something that me and my co-founder could look back to and say, “Those were the days”.

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