The Difference Between Software and Web Development

Both software and web development rely heavily on code and are equally important to the success of an online business. But while the skills involved are similar, learning to write and use the code for these applications is entirely different. Aside from the tools and frameworks, these developers apply design patterns and object-oriented analysis to […]

Top Digital Transformation Trends in Software Development

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 80% of business executives are accelerating their plans to digitally transform their companies. Among the top technology trends for 2022 is hyperautomation, a term that defines the integrated use of technologies such as machine learning, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and low code. It is also possible that businesses […]

Top Software Development Trends

As software development continues to expand, the trend is to use more sophisticated tools. The latest technologies in the field offer a number of opportunities. The following are some of the trends to watch in 2017. Let’s dive into each one of these trends to find the right software development solution for your project. In […]

How to Create a “PUSH ME” Button that Displays YOUR Current Date & Time

It’s cool what you can learn just by using your computer’s developer tools and searching through someone’s website.PUSH ME! Copy and paste this: PUSH ME! <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″>function showdate(){document.getElementById(“date-press”).innerHTML=Date();}</script><div style=”text-align:center; margin: 20px auto; width: 500px; background: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;” id=”date-press-button”><button type=”button” style=”margin:auto auto” onclick=”showdate()”>PUSH ME!</button><div id=”date-press” style=”color: #ff3333; text-align: center; font-size: 20px”></div></div> Now you can […]


What is a Coding Bootcamp? Coding Bootcamps are hardcore, immersive programming courses designed to take a novice to an intermediate or advanced skill level over a period of only months. These super- courses are purposed to take you in and then birth you out as a transformed, job- ready programmer, in areas such as web and […]

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