Our move to ruby on rails

May 1st, 2010 comments 2 By: Paolo Lim

ShareOur move to ruby on rails

We’ve recently decided to abandon Symfony as our framework and use Ruby on Rails instead.

This drastic change can entirely be blamed on me and my reckless curiosity. I realized that the initial motivations I had for choosing symfony has changed as we were developing our project. Some of these were:

- use PHP since it is the “language of the web”.

- try out symfony so that we can learn something new and this additional skill could prove useful in the future.

- since this is just a side project, something we wanted to do just for fun, we could just take our time learning and experimenting with all sorts of stuff, since we just wanted some sort of “toy” we could play with.

These assumptions have been sort of negated as we started telling people about our project. A lot of people became interested in what we were doing, and a lot also thought that we were just plain crazy, wasting our time on crazy ideas. This turned into a challenge for us. I realized that this could actually turn into something serious, like facebook-level seriousness (yes, I dream too much). So my initial motivations were changed.

- though PHP is very popular, it has a lot of limitations because of its being only a scripting language. I learned about this from my founder at Caresharing

- as much as we want to try out something new and fresh, symfony was proving too hard to use. I was slowly having a vision that we are going have more difficulty later on when and if this application gets bigger if we use this framework.

- this is no longer “just a side project”. This is now “THE side project”. And I want to get this right. Of course there will be failures, but I dont want the team to be always faced with the problems without having an initial idea how to solve them . I want to be able to tackle the problems equipped with the experience I already have in web development using Ruby on Rails. With this we can fail early and fail fast.

Yes, my new motivations are kind of selfish. But this is only because of the obsession I have in turning this simple thing into a success. Something that me and my co-founder could look back to and say, “Those were the days”.

pissed co-founder

What usually happens when you make stupid decisions


April 25th, 2010 comments 0 By: Paolo Lim


Our invitation page is now up!

You can check it out at wheedly.com. If you want, please leave us your email there, so we can contact you as soon as wheedly is up and running, which we hope will be very soon. :)

BTW moochy is now called wheedly. We got the new name from the word “wheedle” which is a very funny word. It means:

If you say that someone wheedles, you mean that they try to persuade someone to do or give them what they want, for example by saying nice things that they do not mean.

moochy is live!

April 18th, 2010 comments 4 By: Paolo Lim

Sharemoochy is live!

Just joking.

Our very hard-working co-founder, in a burst of excitement, created a very nice mockup for the home page of the site. We’re still bouncing ideas back and forth on how the layout and the flow of the site should be.

From the mock-up, you can see already some of the features the site is going to have.

Moochy Front Page Mock Up


- The snail logo is not final. Jimbo said it was the only nice shape he found in photoshop’s image library.

- I am not called Pooey, I don’t have a nickname. Just Paolo.

- Were still discussing which columns to display, since we think that certain data are very important and should be viewed in real time.

- Moochy will be replaced with another name, since the domain moochy.com is no longer available. My bad.

Codecampr and Codrschool

March 27th, 2010 comments 0 By: Paolo Lim

ShareCodecampr and Codrschool

We would like to announce that we are now affiliated with Codrschool, an internship program of Caresharing Inc which started almost 3 years ago.

To be more specific, we are now a member of Codrschool Start-ups, which aims to support local startups around town through mentorship. This is a very nice idea, because who better to guide us through creating our startup than people who’ve already succeeded doing it? And also, since I work at Caresharing, I can incorporate my learnings with my startup to my work and vice versa.

So what stuffs are we going to do inside this group?

Firstly, there is the mailing list, where most of the mentorship and the advice giving happens. We also like meetups, but it’s better to do the discussions online so that newcomers can read through all the stuff that’s already been talked about. If you plan to make a startup, or you’re already creating your startup, why not join us! There are lots of nice people who are willing to share their experiences and give advice.

There are also lots of upcoming events in Codrschool as posted on their site. I know so because I’m one of the contributors to the group, so I’m really just promoting the shit that we’ve been plannig. If you can, please join one of the groups/events! Most of it has free admission, and some even with free snacks. I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun, and hopefully, also learn new stuff.

The technical side of project moochy: symfony, hostfortes.com and ubuntu

March 23rd, 2010 comments 1 By: Paolo Lim

ShareThe technical side of project moochy: symfony, hostfortes.com and ubuntu

Most of the technologies that we are using for this project are open sourced. We like using open source stuff because they’re free and a lot of help on learning them can be found in the internet. It also encourages us to go deeper into the tools that we use, to better understand what goes on beneath the surface. The open source technologies that we are now using are Php, Symfony, MySql, Apache and Ubuntu. » Read the rest of this entry «

Jonathan Zittrain on kindness and Gary Vaynerchuk on doing what you love

March 21st, 2010 comments 0 By: Paolo Lim

ShareJonathan Zittrain on kindness and Gary Vaynerchuk on doing what you love

Recently, me and my co-founder have been watching semi educational videos online and we would just like to share these two videos that really struck us as amazing: » Read the rest of this entry «

Google finally indexed our site

March 16th, 2010 comments 3 By: Jimbo Cortes

ShareGoogle finally indexed our site

I just woke up from a crazy random dream. But I know pretty well that today is the 4th day since codecampr was launched.

Everything seemed normal until I turned on Kate (sounds wrong, but Kate is my laptop) and googled our site — codecampr. Not expecting anything, I was surprised to find out that google already indexed our site. Just yesterday, I tried the same thing but google returned Paolo’s posterous which contains a similar article from our site and a backlink.

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Project Moochy

March 13th, 2010 comments 0 By: Paolo Lim

ShareProject Moochy

“Lend, Borrow, Share”

The concept is simple. People come to visit the site and post their stuff. They can lend these stuff to their friends, and can also borrow stuff from others. Brain dead simple.

So why use a website for this kind of thing? Why not just do the borrowing in real life? Here are some of my ideas:

- You don’t know everything that everybody you know owns. You might find out that the book you’ve been longing to read is just sitting on a friend’s bookshelf, slowly being buried in dust or consumed by termites. » Read the rest of this entry «

Codecampr: An Introduction

March 12th, 2010 comments 2 By: Paolo Lim

ShareCodecampr: An Introduction

This is the name of our company. We got it from our weekend code sessions/hangouts at home which I called “code camp”.

The founders of codecampr will have to be me and Jimbo B. Cortes,  an EPSON employee with a Lenovo laptop which he calls Kate (i call mine Sophie). We have been college classmates, and we’ve mostly worked on projects together, even if we’re not groupmates.

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