What is a Coding Bootcamp Anyway?

New World of Coding Bootcamps

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamps are hardcore, immersive programming courses designed to take a novice to an intermediate or advanced skill level over a period of only months. These super- courses are purposed to take you in and then birth you out as a transformed, job- ready programmer, in areas such as web and software development. Code Bootcamps are fast, efficient and solely focused on development. The perfect choice for serious career- changers and those looking for an alternative to traditional education.

Although a relatively new concept, there are already more than 60 of these schools in the United States alone. With many of these camps boasting an average of over 95% graduation and job placement success, it makes one wonder if these “bootcamp- style” skill courses are the schools of the future.

How Much Money do Coding Bootcamp Graduates Make?

Just how much money are these graduates making in their new jobs right out of these schools? A whopping average of over 70k+ a year, with some graduates even claiming a salary of over 100k per year. Not a bad investment when the average tuition for these coding schools is only around 10k and most graduating in 3 months time! Not to mention some of these bootcamps guaranteeing your job placement or full tuition reimbursed. One programming bootcamp, App Acadamy, is so confident in your success, they offer no tuition cost until you’re hired.

Choosing the Right Programming Bootcamp.

Prospecting programming students have many options when choosing the right school. Several brick and mortar bootcamps have popped up around the world, if you live near a large city, chances are you’re close to one. However, some students will travel across the country just to attend the right bootcamp.

The alternative option is of course, ONLINE CODING BOOTCAMPS. Marketed to be just as immersive as their in- person class, online programming bootcamps are the right way to get quality education, at the without relocating. Not a bad choice since, either way online or in- person, you’re working at a computer all day.

How Many Hours per Week are Coding Bootcamps?

As I stated previously, code camps are designed to crank out skilled programming professionals in about 12 weeks, but those weeks are DENSE! Intensive programming camps, full time, usually run students 60- 70 hours a week, with other camps running upwards of 90 hours a week! But if that’s too intense for you, you’re in luck, many schools offer a part time or a “learn at your own pace” schedule to fit your life while you CHANGE YOUR CAREER.

See for yourself how learning to code can change your life in this Youtube video about Coding Bootcamps.


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